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Even though finding a nursing job is fairly easy at the moment in most large cities due to the nursing shortage and many nurses are putting off retirement, it is never too early to start thinking about the future.

I am of course talking about creating for yourself a comfortable retirement nest fund that will help you keep your lifestyle. I have been doing just since I can remember and part of my retirement nest egg includes investing in different markets and industries which include options, stocks and foreign direct investments.

After our last economic crisis, I had saw that the benefits of my foreign investments and that is why I strongly recommend to anyone investing to include foreign investments to help cushion the blow of any economic crisis.

Of course, when it comes to investing into anything, only play with a percentage of your savings as investment is a game and even if your broker and financial advisors tell you that the risk are minimals, it is still taking a risk with your future!

I recently back to the United States to help my brother make his wooden deck.  He lives in Atlanta, GA in cabbage town where he works in the consumer affairs for the Coca-Cola Company in Atlanta.

I had a few vavation days and when my brother asked me to help him build a deck I thought to myself, I could use a brak from the nursing business and went for it.

it was my first mistake.

A travel nurse should stick to what they are good at not try to dabble with power tools.

So when I arrived to his house and went thru the usual greeting, going out and all that, we got started on the deck the next day.  He already had the plans ready and had done some internet research about making your own deck.

He had already gone to a lumber store, well Home Depot,  and had bought all of the piece of wood he needed where they had cut them all to the exact dimensions he needed according to the blue prints he had purchased and we just had to put it together.

Sounds easy enough right?

It’s not when you are talking about large pieces of wood.

After working on his deck for two days, a few bruised thumbs and some cuts we were done!

It looked beautiful until we started placing furniture and his barbecue on it and that is when it happened.  The deck started to lean a bit until it was at a 25 degree angle.

It looked like the ground had sunk under it despite the concrete we had poured in one of the support legs.

After spending a day on trying to even out the deck by pouring more concrete under the foundation we realized that we were in over our head.  It was time to start looking for a deck repair expert in Atlanta if we ever wanted to fix the deck.

So after getting a few quotes, we settled on one.  We chose the company that dlaughed at us the least.

It took them 2 days to fix the foundation of the deck and in the end, I can say, that I will never ever attempt to build a deck from scratch again.

Hi everyone, many changes have happened since the last time I wrote in my blog and one of them was a change in job.  I am now the human resources manager for a private clinic in Costa Rica that has branches on an international basis.

The decision to find another job was based on being upset with the current hospital politics about hiring and the new laws on a federal level.  Simply said, the hospital I was working with was cutting hours while hiring new people at the same time meaning no health benefits for everyone.

That is when I began discussing options with my good friend, Raymond Cruz of Monte Cielo who told me about several opportunities in Costa Rica with someone of my skills.

Costa Rica is often looking for qualified doctors and nurses as it seems like many of the people that do graduate from Costa Rica medial school end up working in other countries where the pay is more generous.

I had been in Costa Rica once before and I did like the country so I decided to work on a one year contract to see whether it is something for me.

So far, I truly enjoy working with Costa Rican and the staff at this clinic is great.  By the way, we are currently looking for an ICU nurse so if anyone is interested, contact me.

As a healthcare professional, I must keep up with everything that is going on in the constantly changing medical world not just to keep up with my nursing degree but also because it woul be embarassing to not be able to answer a question from a patient or co-worker.

Of course, I read the usual medical and nursing publications which include:  National Nurses magazine,, and ScrubMags.

In addition, I do follow certain blogs from doctor and nurses that are popular in the industry as they do give me a wider insight into what people in the industry are thinking.  Here are some of the ones that I read on a regular basis:

Medical Knowledge from a Medical Doctor by Dr James L. Gross – I enjoy reading his blog because it really gives you a great insight in laymans terms about medical knowledge.  Dr Gross is a known doctor from Arizona that specializes in family and emergency medicine along with sleeping disorders and erectile dysfunction.

CasesBlog by Assistant professor at the university of Chicago – This is a wonderful blog that delves into the latest medical news.

Emergency Medicine Education by Ali Pourmand – A great blog about a physician assistant that usually focuses on EBM and recent articles that support them

Mediblogopathy by a nursing student – An excellent blog by a nurse that went from nursing school to a full time nurse.  I strongly suggest if yu have the time to start with her first post.

I hope that you take the time to visit these blogs as I find them to be a great form of education and entertainment.

Working as a human resources representative for a hospital, I get my share of complaints and even though the majority of them are somewhat routine in my book, I have been getting a few contacts in the past few months about nurse-to-patient ratio which we are trying to solve at the moment.

Thank goodness, our hospital is financially sound and we are able to afford to hire extra nurses unlike many hospitals around the world.

This brings me to the meat of this post where the nurses and midwives at Newcastle’s John Hunter Hospital (in the UK) who are holding a rally today to get the government to address the nursing shortage.

It seems like articles about the nursing shortage are more and more common in the news today and am glad that at my hospital it has not gotten to that point yet.

As a big supporter of good healthcare service, I want to share here some methods that I have been using with some good success whenever I have to find new nurses to hire:

  1. Advertising in the local newspaper has worked well when I am looking for a registered nurse or a nurse assistant.
  2. Going to nursing job boards for finding nurses has also been productive as it is constantly updated with nurses looking for jobs.
  3. Local Board of Nurses has done ok but it is not my favorite method as the list I get from them is long and most of the people on the list are not available to work.

Ending this post, I do encourage everyone to support any local or federal efforts to improve the nurse-to-patient ratio as you never know when you may be checking in a hospital.

Someone sent me this link today  about Alberta Health who had spent $24 million as part of a program to give about 450 nurses an early voluntary retirement in order to save money.

This reasoning came from a nurse overflow that happened back in 2009 after they had experienced a major nurse shortage in 2008.

Here is the article link:

I am by no mean a conspiracy theorist but it seems like an odd way for hospitals to work.  Its like they keep firing and hiring nurses to save a dollar since every time they hire nurses, the hospital is either recruiting nurses from India, the Philippines or other countries that have a very low yearly income compared to the US or Canada and they also recruit nurses fresh out of nursing school meaning they get the nurse start up salary.

I’m just glad that not all hospitals work like that.  This group definitively needs to start looking at making better long term plans.

One of the issues we have been dealing with in our hospital of late is the increase violence in the ER.  This mostly applies to our male and female nurses as they are usually the first to make contact with injured patients that come thru the ER.

We will be holding a meeting about it next Tuesday with the staff to see what we can do to prevent such attacks.  Even though such occurences are not often, they do happen in our hospital.

Our priority is the care of our patients but we are certainly not going to place in danger our nursing staff in doing so.  I mean, finding nurses is already tough enough as it is.

Ok, that was a bad joke but it was still a serious comment.

If you have any suggestionsm please feel free to comment.

The Mindset of an HR Rep

This site is about sharing information about the best methods to recruit employees for a hospital.  As an HR representative for a decent size hospital, one of my main task is to create a database of different type of potential employees to fill different roles in the hospital.

Currently, we are working on finding nurses for our database and I would like to share and get feedback from people about ways to find nurses, doctors, custodial staff and so on as well as the best way to create a friendly atmosphere and unity for the entire hospitals.

In this blog, I will be talking about the day to day responsibilities and event planning as well.

So I hope tha everyone will enjoy reading and participating in this blog as much as I enjoy writing it!